What is the World Cross Country Fitness Challenge

C2CFit.com is a fun, free online fitness program that challenges all participants to either run, walk, swim, bike, row, ski, rollerblade or wheelchair their way across the world without leaving home.

The purpose of the Cross Country Fitness Challenge is to motivate everyone to become physically active and stay active for a long time.

There is no time limit, go at your own pace!

How does it work?

1. Register and create your profile (it's FREE!). You can do that here.
2. Do the activity and log your mileages here at c2cfit.com.
3. Track your progress on a map and collect achievement certificates.

Create your own Profile

When you register at C2CFit, your account page is created for you automatically and whenever you log-in, this is where you will be taken. The profile is your primary page on C2CFit. From here, you can access all the features and toola offered at C2CFit.

Log your distance

As soon as you sign up, you can log your daily activity distance and keep track of your exercises as you go along. You can view your entire log any time and even display graphs that display data based on your day-to-day logs.

Track your progress on a map

C2CFit Maps

When you log your distance for your activities, it accumulates and your progress is virtually displayed on a map that is part of your profile page. The maps are interactive 'Google mapplets' and let you zoom in/out, drag-pan into any direction and switch from road view to satellite view. You can also easily check how far you are from your next checkpoint.

C2CFit Certificates

C2CFit Certificates

Each time you generate enough distance to complete the journey across a province or state you are automatically granted a certificate of completion for that province or state. Another way to earn certificates is by completing challenges from friends or teams.


Here is where the real fun begins; don't go it alone, join a team or create one of your own. That way you can motivate each other.

Each team can have a maximum of 75 people per team, but there can be as many teams as possible from a community or organization (for example, the city of Toronto can have as many teams as possible but only 75 people per team)

Each team will have a captain and a coach. The captain will be responsible for motivating the teams and the Coach is responsible for motivating the team captains as well as the teams. Team captains can issue challenges to other teams. Teams, just like regular users, can also receive achievement certificates upon completion of challenges!

Challenge your friends or other teams.

C2CFit allows you to challenge your friends or other teams to increase motivation. To challenge a friend, simply go to the Challenges area and select a friend to challenge. Challenge them to complete a given distance in a number of days and see how they do. If they complete the challenge, they get an award!

Create Events

You can create all sorts of events on C2CFit. This includes group activities, get-togethers, fundraisers, team practices, sporting events, etc. Events are a great way to meet with your friends and participate in outdoor activities together.

What else can you do on C2CFit?

- Create a Friends List
- Send and receive messages
- Create photo albums and share photos
- Invite your friends to join your team