C2CFit Testimonials

Mathew Hemple's Testimonial

My real name is Matthew Hemple

To begin, I found C2Cfit.com website from a tiny facebook advertisement about 2-3 years ago (I am so glad I was being lazy that day!). I got my Father (Warren Hemple) to join and we created a c2cfit team together "Team Hemple" and we started using the website every time we rode bike (at this time we weren't very active, maybe 20-30 miles a week).

I have been cycling for about 2 years now, but I was never too serious about it until January 2011 when I stepped on the scale one morning and noticed I was 300.8 lbs. The one thing I never wanted to be was over 300lbs.... It was a total shock. Aside from weight lifting and correct dieting, (Energy in < Energy out) I started using C2Cfit to track every mile I cycled. I love numbers and watching my miles logged rise up every week was rewarding!

I started by doing 40 miles a week and by May 2011, I was logging 150+ miles a week. In 4 short months I managed to track well over 1,250 miles (not counting the 500+ miles I had previously). My goal is to ride across the United States on c2cfit. The more I rode the further I got across the United States, the more exciting using C2Cfit became! I started logging my average speeds, weather conditions and much more. I sent challenges to other active members of c2cfit to force myself to ride even more, I'm young and I love competition!

I went from 300.8lbs on Jan 1st to 221.1lbs on June 2nd (The same night as my senior prom). Just another success story, my date to senior prom was Prom Queen 2011 (Being in shape sure does pay off)

I've gotten all my cycling friends to sign up for c2cfit and always "Nudge" them when they aren't logging miles. I started to use C2Cfit to track how many miles I ran, and how many miles I rollerblade. It's great to have one tool to track everything.

There's been a lot of changes made to this website since I joined and I am proud to be a member. I noticed that I can track my weight loss on the site as well which is even better! I am still praying for a C2Cfit iPhone app (which I wouldn't think twice about purchasing at any price)

One of my biggest goals in my fitness right now is to complete the USA Grand Challenge on C2Cfit and you better believe I will be printing that certificate out and framing it. It will be a huge Milestone in my life.

If anyone is serious about weight loss, their cardio exercises or wants to keep a log of their success, C2Cfit is the best thing I can find.

If there's one thing I can say to everyone out there it is, never give up! Losing weight and being physically fit isnít just an urban legend that you see on TV Commercials. Find a sport you love, become addicted to the feeling of adrenaline and never back down! A body in motion, stays in motion!

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